Tips for Potty Training a Border Collie

Tips for Potty Training a Border Collie

A border collie is a wonderful family pet. The puppy is always a welcoming addition to any family. Many families could not bear to think what life would be like without their border collie.

When bringing this bundle of joy home, one thing to keep in mind is that the work of potty training your new border collie starts right at the front door. Here are some tips to have your border collie properly potty trained.

The first thing to remember is that border collies love praise. Any time your puppy does his business outside give him plenty of praise and encouragement. This will make your puppy want to receive more praise and he will be more likely to go potty outside.

Always watch your new puppy when she is roaming around the house. If you see her sniffing the ground as if she is tracking something, have her go to the bathroom outside. If you don’t take her outside as soon as possible there could be an accident and this will be a step back in her progress.

Crate training is a great method to train a new puppy. If you cannot keep a constant eye on your puppy put her in a crate for a few minutes. Dogs do not like to go potty in a small place where they lay their head. Crate training teaches them to hold it.

If there is an accident in the house make sure the smell is completely cleaned up and gone. If there is a smell the puppy will be more likely to go potty in that same spot again. Potty training is not easy but with a little patience your intelligent border collie will be house trained in no time.

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